Alternative Power Productions brings tangible demonstrations of alternative energy to nationwide events and festivals executing professional event management in the following areas: San Diego, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Alternative Power Productions works with both companies and event producers to create public outreach programs enabling their customers and event-goers to experience the benefits of alternative energy in an innovative, interactive setting. That is why we call ourselves a “Production Marketing Company”

Program needs and objectives for companies

➢ Provide a turnkey solution for activation of company-sponsored events
➢ Maximize educational elements of company presence integrating renewable energy, carbon offsets and energy efficiency in a cost-effective and educational manner
➢ Provide real value to partnering events and festivals via greening and content, offsetting a portion of sponsorship fees
➢ Deliver consistent messaging, branding and communications

How we execute
➢ Portable solar/wind power exhibits
➢ Renewable education activities
➢ Carbon footprint education and carbon offsets
➢ Energy efficiency training
➢ Linkage to other community groups
➢ Educational outreach efforts
➢ Consistent messaging, branding and communications
➢ Experienced management and staffing to provide turnkey event activation


Event marketing can be one of the best ways to connect on a personal level with customers and tell them your story. Electricity has been difficult to showcase at events because it is traditionally considered an intangible product that most people don’t understand. Our unique equipment brings power to the forefront of people’s attention. We develop exhibits that showcase the magic of electricity and get people excited about the way in which electricity is produced. Showcasing renewable forms of electricity connects with the public in a way that demonstrates company’s commitment to social responsibility and developing products that have a positive impact on our environment.

1. Program Development ~ We work with companies and event organizers to develop ideas and concepts that will make each event a unique experience that people can participate in and remember. To date, we have powered a wide range of services and event features including sound systems, food vendors, cinemas, symphonies and “red carpets”. We choose visible applications that are fundamental to the event and provide integral functionality to demonstrate the viability of the technology.

2. Organizing and Advancing ~ It takes an incredible amount of work and equipment to truly provide demonstrations of renewable electricity. For each event we calculate power requirements and assess what equipment is best suited for the event. We work with companies and event promoters to advance the load in and load out details with regard to power requirements, ticketing, parking, artist requirements, insurance and other.

3. Staffing and Training ~ Marketing and education in the energy space can be much more complicated than other brand awareness sampling programs. Our staff is passionate about renewable energy and is trained to speak intelligently and effectively about renewable energy. We can create an educational environment in which our trained staff can answer questions people have about power and demonstrate what they can do if they want to reduce energy use, embrace renewables and reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Activation Strategy ~ We perform all of the operational elements necessary to create a presence at events. We set the stage, perform sound checks, and execute the run of show. We erect tents, display materials, and hang banners. Alternative Power Productions makes sure all equipment is up and running and functional. During the show we will talk with event attendee’s about renewable energy, deliver stage announcements and teach classes and workshops.

5. Equipment Maintenance ~ Before and after each event Alternative Power Productions packs up event equipment, vehicles, and signage. We are responsible for the storage and maintenance of equipment.

6. Documenting our work ~ This work is groundbreaking. We are doing things that people want to see, but didn’t think was possible. We can capture video and still shots onsite at each event. After the event we can edit the video into shorts that will capture the impressions and interactions with people at the event. We can include an environmental impact report that will include data on waste management, carbon emissions and offsets, solar gain onsite.

7. PR ~ We provide message maps discussing the environmental attributes of working with Alternative Power Productions technology that can be used for press releases and websites. We are always willing to answer any press related questions.

For more information, please call 619-358-9939 or email