About Us


Most people are unaware that the generation of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution. Every year millions of tons of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and poor air quality. At Alternative Power Productions (located in San Diego California) we have invested in the future by utilizing the renewable energy sources of the sun to deliver 100% pollution free concerts. Our solar powered stages, sound, and lighting systems are fully-functioning examples of a complete design. Our solar outdoor stages give performers an opportunity to educate the community about the benefits of renewable energy while delivering a concert with state of the art sound quality.

What are the advantages of working with Alternative Power Productions?

Turnkey Coordinating separate sound systems, stages and lighting at venues can be a very difficult and technical process. By choosing Alternative Power Productions, you no longer have to coordinate with on site operation departments. We simply set up staging wherever you want us and turn on the music. No electricity or wiring is necessary and we supply our own sound engineers and crew.

Environmental Attributes With any event, it is vital to utilize PR to add value and increase ticket sales and attendance, which is why we call ourselves a “Production Marketing Company”. Because the solar stages are both technically unique and environmentally friendly, we have had great success receiving national press. Alternative Power Productions helps deliver complete media kits to maximize the value of your marketing budget.

Reliability The solar powered stages work by storing the sun’s energy into batteries. We make sure the batteries are fully charged before each event. Not being dependent on the grid for electricity can actually be more reliable than using system power. Having a back up plan is always essential. Our systems can also operate from a generator or a standard electrical outlet. The maintenance of all our equipment from the sound system to our tow vehicles is our first priority.

Cost Our prices are competitive in the market but the difference is added value. We are a Marketing Production Company and a turnkey solution that saves you time and the added value the stages can bring you in the media is priceless.

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